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Drug Metabolism and Disposition Special Section on Pharmacokinetic and Drug Metabolism Properties of Novel Therapeutics Modalities

September 20, 2019

Recent trends in drug discovery and development suggest a shift away from a small molecule–dominated approach to a more balanced portfolio that includes small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, engineered proteins, and gene therapies. The research presented in the October special section of Drug Metabolism and Disposition serves to highlight advancements in the understanding of the mechanisms that govern the pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism properties of the novel therapeutic modalities.

The past decade has witnessed a heightened focus on identifying and developing protein therapeutics with the ability to elicit increasingly complex pharmacology. In parallel, our ability to study the pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism properties has followed suit, with new tools and approaches being rapidly developed. This special section of DMD will highlight many of those recent advancements.

The minireviews and original research articles in the special section, which was organized by guest editors Dr. Robert S. Foti and Dr. Brooke M. Rock, are freely accessible to all through the end of 2019.

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