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CVP Division Members in the News: Fadi Khasawneh

November 12, 2020

Fadi Khasawneh

Meet Dr. Fadi Khasawneh, the 2020-2022 Chair of ASPET’s Cardiovascular Pharmacology Division (CVP).  Dr. Fadi is an Associate Professor and Department Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy. His research program is focused on the study of thrombosis and platelet biology. The primary goal is to delineate signaling pathways involved in platelet activation and to investigate the contribution of thirdhand smoke to the pathogenesis of thrombotic diseases. His program is funded by an NIH NHLBI R01 and NIEHS R21. Dr. Khasawneh is a long-standing member of ASPET and has previously served as the CVP secretary/treasurer (2014-2016).

The toughest part about the position-given that Dr. Khasawneh joined Texas A&M in February 2020- has been the lack of ability of getting to know his colleagues, faculty and students very well given the remote nature of everything we are doing. This is because he likes and enjoys socializing and talking to people. “I miss the one-on-one meetings and interactions and the “side” and casual conversations that allow me to make stronger connections”.

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