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The Journal Drug Metabolism and Disposition Marks Its 50th Anniversary with Celebration Collection

January 04, 2023

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The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutic’s journal Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD) is celebrating 50 years of publication in 2023. The journal has published nearly 9,000 papers since 1973. For this anniversary many special sections and commissioned articles are planned and will be published in a special 50th Anniversary Celebration Collection.

The January 2023 issue contains an editorial by Editor-in-Chief Xinxin Ding, titled “Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in DMD Science.” In addition to providing his perspectives on the history and importance of DMD, Ding honored four individuals who have each published 80 or more papers in the journal. These individuals who are recognized as “Most Prolific Author in DMD” include: Curtis Klaassen, Miki Nakajima, Scott Obach and Yuichi Sugiyama. Ding urges all associate editors, Editorial Advisory Board members, authors and the DMD community at large to redouble their efforts to support the journal.

The January issue also contains five commissioned articles for this collection:

  • “Drug Metabolism: A Half-Century Plus of Progress, Continued Need, and New Opportunities” by Fred Guengerich;
  • Unique perspectives on the journal’s evolution from 1994-2000 from five former DMD editors:
  • “Four Decades of CYP2B Research: From Protein Adducts to Protein Structures and Beyond” by James R. Halpert and his former associates;
  • “Species Specificity and Selection of Models for Drug Oxidations Mediated by Polymorphic Human Enzymes” reviewed by Hiroshi Yamazaki and Makiko Shimizu; and
  • “COVID-19 Vaccines and the Virus: Impact on Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics” report by Kerry B. Goralski and colleagues.

Other articles for the collection will be published in subsequent issues of DMD throughout 2023. All content in the DMD 50th Anniversary Celebration Collection is freely accessible through June 2024.

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