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TrendMD Now on ASPET Journals

This service recommends additional articles that might be of interest based on a reader's viewing history.  It's similar to the feature on Amazon that makes product recommendations depending on items a user has viewed or purchased. Suggested articles are unobtrusively listed in the column to the right of journal articles. Four articles from ASPET's journals and four from journals of other publishers are included in the suggested reading list.

TrendMD will highlight articles from ASPET's journals to readers of other publications that use the service, providing more exposure for ASPET's authors. Science, Nature, and journals published by Elsevier, The Royal Society, Rockefeller University Press, and Wolters Kluwer, are among those using TrendMD. Given the overlap of pharmacology with other disciplines, the service could bring ASPET's content to the attention of audiences that don't normally think to look at pharmacology journals.

Last updated: June 13, 2017 

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