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ASPET Daily Datablitz - Monday (sponsored by Pharmacology Research & Perspectives)

Monday April 08, 2019

10:30 am - 11:00 am Eastern Time (ET)

ASPET Poster Discussion Area, Booth #720


Chair :

Mark Hernandez
University of Central Florida

Experience the daily ASPET datablitz, a rapid-fire oral presentation of research. Ten poster presenters each day will present three minute short talks in the ASPET poster discussion lounge in the poster hall. These brief snippets of research are an introduction to their full presentations that will take place at their poster boards afterwards. You won’t want to miss this fast-paced overview of the most exciting science of the day.

Thank you to Pharmacology Research & Perspectives for their sponsorship of our Daily Datablitz sessions!


Alexandros Kokkosis - Stony Brook University

Chronic Stress Induces Inflammatory Responses and Compromises the NG2-Glial Homeostasis during Depression

Marika Cordaro - University of Messina

Gut–Brain Actions Underlying ComorbidNeuropsychiatric Disturb Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jennifer Cash - University of Michigan

Single Particle Cryo-EM Reconstruction of the P-Rex1–Gβγ Complex Reveals Mechanisms Underlying Cellular Migration Mediated by GPCRs

Patricia de Carvalho - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Effect of a BK Receptor Antagonist (R-954) in Experimental Endometriosis

Shamema Nasrin - Washington State University

Evaluation of Tobacco-specific Nitrosamine (TSNA) Content in Smokeless Tobacco Products in Bangladesh

Michael Espiritu - Pacific University

Mechanisms for the Time-dependent Inhibition of the Human Nicotine-metabolizing Enzyme CYP2A6 by Cinnamaldehyde: Evidence for Formyl Hydrogen Abstraction and Heme Degradation

Juwina Wijaya - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

ATP-dependent Efflux Transporter ABCC4 is a Positive Regulator of the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway

Sheik Pran Babu Sardar Pasha - Indiana University School of Medicine

Targeting Ferrochelatase For Treating of Retinal Neovascularization

Owais Bhat - Virginia Commonwealth University

Contribution of Ceramide Signaling to Activation of the mTORC1 Pathway and Calcification Nidus Formation in Coronary Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells

Ryan Grabau - University of South Florida

Anti-thrombotic and Anti-inflammatory Nanoparticle Limits Early Remodeling in Acute Myocardial Infarction