ADME in Neonates and Infants: Therapeutics, Toxicity, and Development of New Drugs

Tuesday April 27, 2021

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Central Time (CT)

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Chair :

Pieter Annaert
University of Leuven

Xiao-bo Zhong
University of Connecticut

Patients at ages of neonate and infant are at developmental ages facing special challenges on drug therapy and toxicity. Most prescription drugs are used as off label for neonates and infants. They have the highest medical errors and adverse drug action rates. There is a specific requirement for inclusion of neonates and infants as a study population for therapeutic efficacy, toxicity, and development of new drugs. Several knowledge gaps exist, making too difficult to study neonates and infants. The aim of the symposium is to bring several experts in the field to discuss studies of ADME at these specific ages.


Tamorah Lewis - Children’s Mercy Hospital and University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

New Insights into the Ontogeny of Drug Biotransformation in Preterm Neonates In Vivo

Investigation of potential sources of inter-individual variability in drug exposure and drug response in the preterm neonate population.

Pieter Annaert - University of Leuven

Ontogeny of ADME Processes during Postnatal Development in Man and Preclinical Species: A Focus on Liver

Talk description coming soon!

Xiao-bo Zhong - University of Connecticut

Short and Long-term Alterations of ADME for Drug Efficacy and Toxicity by Drug Treatment at Neonatal and Infant Ages in Preclinical Species

This talk will discuss short and long-term impact on ADME alterations by drug treatment at neonatal and infant ages in preclinical species.

Jed Lampe - University of Colorado

CYP3A7 Drug-hormone Interactions in the Neonate: Adrenal Insufficiency and Low Birthweight in the HIV Infected Neonate caused by Inhibition of CYP3A7 DHEA-S Oxidation by Ritonavir

This talk will discuss closer monitoring of the effective dose of the pharmacokinetic enhancer in neonatal HIV therapy in order to prevent significant inhibition of CYP3A7 DHEA-S oxidation and the associated adverse effects.

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