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Evolution of Drug Resistance

Tuesday April 05, 2022

8:00 am - 9:30 am Eastern Time (ET)


Chair :

James DeGregori
University of Colorado

This session will explore how cancers evolve resistance to therapies. It will explore the importance of tumor heterogeneity, both genetic and epigenetic, and the microenvironment in the evolution of drug resistance. Attendees will also learn about the tradeoffs associated with drug resistance, and how these costs can be exploited for the design of more effective and less toxic therapeutic regimen. The application of evolutionary approaches to understand and to treat cancers will be demonstrated for multiple malignancies, including breast and prostate cancers and multiple myeloma.


Robert Gatenby - Moffitt Cancer Center

Exploiting Darwinian Dynamics to Delay or Prevent Evolution of Resistance in Treated Cancer Populations

Talk description coming soon!

Ariosto Silva - Moffit Cancer Center

Evolutionary Dynamics of Disease Progression and Therapy Resistance in Multiple Myeloma

Rena Emond - City of Hope

Talk title coming soon!

Talk description coming soon!

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