Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism

Brodie Medal 

The B. B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism has been established to honor the fundamental contributions of Bernard B. Brodie in the field of drug metabolism and disposition. The Award is presented biennially in even years to recognize outstanding original research contributions in drug metabolism and disposition, particularly those having a major impact on future research in the field. The B. B. Brodie Award is sponsored by the Division for Drug Metabolism, and funds to support the award come from members’ contributions.

The award consists of a $2,000 honorarium, a commemorative medal, hotel, and economy airfare to the award ceremony at the annual meeting. A lecture, delivered by the awardee at the annual meeting, describing appropriate research accomplishments and their future direction, will be published in Drug Metabolism and Disposition

There are no restrictions on institutional affiliation, and a candidate need not be a member of the Society. The only restriction for the Award is that supporting research accomplishments must not be used to win any other major award. Only one nominator is necessary, although more are acceptable, and the nominators need not be members of ASPET. Selection of an awardee will be made biennially by the B.B. Brodie Award Committee, appointed by the President of ASPET with input from the Division for Drug Metabolism.

Nominations shall be submitted electronically to and shall consist of:

  1.  Nominating letter and no more than five supporting letters detailing accomplishments of the nominee.
  2.  List of, and comments on, the outstanding papers.
  3.  Brief biographical sketch of the candidate.
  4.  Candidate’s curriculum vitae and bibliography.

Campaign for Funding the Award in Perpetuity 

Recipients of the Bernard B. Brodie Award in Drug Metabolism

1978 James R. Gillette
1980 Minor J. Coon
1982 Donald M. Jerina 
1984 Gilbert J. Mannering
1986 Daniel W. Nebert
1988 Wayne M. Levin
1990 Daniel M. Ziegler
1992 F. Peter Guengerich
1994 Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano
1996 Anthony Y.H. Lu
1997 Ronald W. Estabrook
1999 Marion W. Anders
2000 Bettie Sue Siler Masters
2002 Eric F. Johnson
2004 Thomas L. Poulos
2006 Frank J. Gonzalez
2008 Curtis D. Klaassen
2010 James Halpert
2012 Yuichi Sugiyama
2014 Bruce Hammock