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Virtual Special Section (VSS) on “Drug metabolism by the gut microbiota”


VSS Editor:  Young Jeong, Virtual Special Section Editor

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024

DMD invites original research articles and mini reviews on topics related to drug metabolism by the gut microbiota. These include but are not limited to: studies on the identification/characterization of novel biotransformation reactions or drug metabolism by microbes and their impact on drug therapy; absorption/distribution/metabolism/excretion studies of drugs that undergo gut microbial metabolism. Mini reviews on current research advances and perspectives on the relevant research are also encouraged.

Manuscripts will be reviewed as they are submitted. Accepted papers will be published in a regular DMD issue and archived here in the special collection as a Virtual Special Section Issue. Virtual Special Section content will be freely available for six months after acceptance.

For questions about submitting a manuscript to this Virtual Special Section, contact


Drug metabolism by the gut microbiota

  1. Gut Microbiome Integration in Drug Discovery and Development of Small Molecules

  2. Patrick Jimonet, Céline Druart, Stephanie Blanquet-Diot, Lilia Boucinha, stephanie Kourula, Françoise Le Vacon, Sylvie Maubant, Sylvie Rabot, Tom Van de Wiele, Frank Schuren, Vincent Thomas, Bernard Walther and Michael Zimmermann


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