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Award Description

The Torald Sollmann Award in Pharmacology was established in 1960 to commemorate the pioneer work of Dr. Torald Sollmann in the fields of pharmacological investigation and education. The Torald Sollmann Award was presented biennially in odd numbered years at the award ceremony during the ASPET Annual Meeting for significant contributions over many years to the advancement and extension of knowledge in the field of pharmacology.


The award was presented in odd-numbered years and consists of:

  • A $2,500 honorarium
  • An engraved plaque
  • Complimentary registration and travel expenses for the winner and spouse to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Award Recipients

1961 Otto Krayer
1963 Bernard B. Brodie
1966 Arnold D. Welch
1969 Earl W. Sutherland, Jr.
1973 Julius Axelrod
1975 Sidney Udenfriend
1978 Karl H. Beyer, Jr.
1981 Avram Goldstein
1984 K. K. Chen
1986 Walter F. Riker
1988 James A. Bain
1990 George B. Koelle


1992 E. Leong Way
1995 Theodore M. Brody
1997 Alfred G. Gilman
1999 William W. Fleming
2001 Benedict Lucchesi
2003 Palmer W. Taylor
2005 Kenneth E. Moore
2007 Sue P. Duckles
2009 S. J. Enna
2011 Marcus M. Reidenberg
2013 William L. Dewey
2015 James E. Barrett

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