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Cross Talk in Metabolism of Xenobiotics and Endogenous Substrates

Sunday April 05, 2020

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Room 15 A


Chair :

Xinxin Ding
University of Arizona

Amit Pandey
University of Bern

While much is known about reactions and substrates of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, their specificity towards xenobiotics, drugs and endogenous substrates like steroid hormones is less well understood. Protein-protein interactions also influence the substrate recognition and metabolism. The topics will address whether drug and steroid metabolizing enzymes can recognize different classes of substrates, how the substrate selection and activities are influenced and whether ambiguity in substrate recognition leads to unexpected metabolic activities.


Rita Bernhardt - University of Saarland

Role of Steroid Hydroxylases in Drug and Xenobiotic Metabolism

Aditi Das - University of Illinois

Cross-talk of Cannabinoid and Endocannabinoid Metabolism is Mediated via Human Cardiac CYP2J2

D. Fernando Estrada - University at Buffalo

Role of Redox Partner Interactions in the Modulation of Substrate Specificity

Wen Xie - University of Pittsburgh

Sex and Tissue-Specific Roles of Estrogen Sulfotransferase and Steroid Sulfatase

Shamema Nasrin - Washington State university

Cannabinoid Metabolites as Potential Inhibitors of Major CYP450 Enzymes

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