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Division for Cancer Pharmacology – Young Investigators Symposium

Monday April 06, 2020

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Room 17 A


Chair :

Andrew Thorburn
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Jack Yalowich
Ohio State Univ

This session will feature oral presentations by young scientists that were selected from the submitted abstracts.


Hengbo Zhou - University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

Novel Small Molecule Compound disrupts the SIX1/EYA2 Complex and Inhibits Breast Cancer Metastasis

Megan Zavorka Thomas - The Ohio State University

Gilteritinib Inhibits Acute Myeloid Leukemia Growth via Reduction in Glutamine Uptake and Utilization

Vrushank Bhatt - Rutgers University

Autophagy Inhibition Sensitizes Liver Kinase B1 (LKB1)-Deficient Kras-Driven Lung Tumors to MEK Inhibitor Trametinib

Jae Yoon Jeon - The Ohio State University

Activity of the Multikinase Inhibitor TP-0903 in RAS Mutant Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Dana Steffen - University of California, San Diego

Gαs (GNAS) Suppression of the p53 Genomic-stability Checkpoint Unleashes RAS-driven Oncogenesis

An-Angela Van - U.C. San Diego

Protein Kinase C Fusions Reveal Another Mechanism for Loss of Protein Kinase C Function in Cancer

Sanjay Varikuti - The Ohio State University

Ibrutinib Treatment Inhibits Breast Cancer Progression and Metastasis by Inducing Conversion of Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells to Dendritic Cells

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