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Immune Mechanisms in Pathogenic Responses to Particles, Nanomaterials, and Nanomedicines

Monday April 06, 2020

8:00 am - 10:00 am Eastern Time (ET)

Room 15 B


Chair :

K. Michael Pollard
Scripps Research, Dept of Molecular Medicine

Qiang Ma
Nat'l Inst. for Occupational Safety & Health, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Particulates in the micro and nano range, including environmental pollutants, mineral and organic dusts, nanomaterials, nanomedicines, and metabolite crystals, can bio-accumulate in the body and cause a range of pathological conditions. These diseases, which include autoimmune disorders, organ fibrosis, cancer, and allergy, are frequently progressive and refractory to therapy with severe outcomes. Recent research has highlighted critical roles of the immune system in the response to particulates. This symposium discusses the current understanding of immune mechanisms in disease development caused by particulates, with focus on autoimmunity, fibrosis, mast cell function, innate memory, and the idiosyncratic reaction to infusion of nanomedicines.


K. Michael Pollard - Scripps Research, Dept of Molecular Medicine

Autoimmunity Induced By Particles, Fibers, and Nanomaterials

Jared Brown - University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Understanding Mast Cell Activation In The Development at Safe Nanotechnologies

Paola Italiani - National Research Council (CNR) - Institute of Protein Biochemistry (IBP), Italy

Do Nanoparticles Induce Innate Memory in Monocytes/Macrophage?

Seyed Moghimi - Newcastle University, School of Pharmacy, United Kingdom

Infusion Reactions to Nanomedicines: A Moment Of Macrophage Intoxication

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