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Recent Progress in Drugging the ‘Undruggable’ RAS Oncogene

Tuesday April 07, 2020

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Room 15 A


Chair :

Christine Canman
University of Michigan

Kirsten Bryant
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The KRAS oncogene has always been thought to be undruggable. Recently, novel inhibitors have been developed that selectively target the oncogenic G12C form of KRAS which is present in a small but significant percentage of many cancers such as nonsmall cell lung, pancreatic, and colon cancer. Thus far, other oncogenic forms of KRAS have remained elusive to direct inhibition by small molecule inhibitors. This symposium will highlight the recent discovery of G12C KRAS inhibitors and alternative approaches to identify and inhibit pathways mutant KRAS cancers are dependent upon with newly developed drug candidates or drugs already clinically available.


Kirsten Bryant - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Inhibition of ERK/MAPK Signaling Increases Pancreatic Cancer Dependency on Autophagy

Alessandro Carrer - Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM)

KRASG12D Supports Acetyl-CoA Metabolism to Facilitate Pancreatic Cancer Initiation

Christopher Whitehead - University of Michigan

Outsmarting Mutant RAS through Precision Polypharmacology

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