ASPET “Guppy Tank” Translational Science Pitch Showcase

Thursday April 29, 2021

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm Central Time (CT)

View session on the EB Virtual Platform (EB registration required)


Chair :

Ryan Staudt
University of Pittsburgh

Harshini Neelakantan
Ridgeline Therapeutics

The “Guppy Tank” competition will showcase three trainee contestants effectively delivering science pitches describing the translational and commercial value of their scientific research. Contestants have been chosen based on initial applications, which were reviewed by a panel of judges chosen from across ASPET (TCP, DDD, and MCD members). Chosen finalists have been trained by expert ASPET-affiliated mentors to craft and develop their final pitch presentations. The session will showcase a keynote talk by a seasoned scientific entrepreneur, who will highlight the hallmarks of a successful science pitch. Finalists will then deliver their pitches, which will be scored by an elite panel of judges. Identified "Best Pitch" and “People’s Choice” winners (latter identified via online poll question during the session) will be announced.


Sanjay Mistry - Jlabs

Practical Tips to Passionately and Powerfully Communicate Your Scientific Innovations

Dr. Mistry is the Head of Johnson and Johnson Innovation (JLabs) at San Diego, where he oversees all strategic operations. Dr. Sanjay received his PhD in Pharmacology and MSc In Clinical Pharmacology from The University of Aberdeen, UK and completed his p

Yadira Perez Paramo - Washington State University

Right Medication, Right Patient: Pharmacogenomics Decodes the Smoking Cessation Paradigm

Pharmacologic smoking cessation treatments have very low success. We are proposing the use of pharmacogenetics to provide a personalized health care approach to benefit both patients and health care providers.

Khaled Abd-Elrahman - University of Ottawa

Sex-specific Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease: A New Reality

My talk will discuss recent advances in understanding the differential pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease between males and females and how this can aid in the design of sex-tailored therapies in the future.

Alicja Urbaniak - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Salinomycin Analogs for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are responsible for initiating the disease, its progression, and metastasis. Salinomycin analogs are promising chemotherapeutic candidates for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer due to their toxicity towards breast cancer stem cells and increased selectivity.

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