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The Importance of Pharmacology to Regenerative Medicine Innovation

Tuesday April 05, 2022

8:00 am - 9:30 am Central Time (CT)

113 C


Chair :

Traci Czyzyk
Merck Research Laboratories

Jeffrey Paul
Drexel College of Medicine Graduate School /JPharm Consulting

Regenerative medicine, broadly defined, encompasses therapeutic interventions that replace, engineer or regenerate cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal physiology. Regenerative pharmacology is specifically focused on the biochemical stimulation of the body's own repair mechanisms to functionally heal previously irreparable tissues or organs. Integration of pharmacological approaches with the development of biomanufacturing, tissue/cell maturation and evaluation of tissue engineered constructs/products represent major opportunities for further expanding active areas of investigation. This symposium will explore the breadth of ways in which pharmacology is woven into the very fabric of regenerative medicine.


George Christ - University of Virginia

Overview of Regenerative Pharmacology

This talk will discuss the integral role of pharmacology at all stages of in the development, evaluation, validation and deployment of regenerative medicine/tissue engineering technologies.

Girija Goyal - Wyss Institute, Harvard

Human Organ Chips: Clinical Mimicry in Preclinical Models

This talk will review the promising role of “organs on a chip” technologies to development of novel therapeutics.

Barbara Boyan - Virginia Commonwealth University

Functionalized Biomaterials for Tissue/Cell Specific Drug Delivery for Regenerative Medicine Applications

This talk will review the use(s) of functionalized biomaterials for disease specific drug delivery.

Kaitlyn Sadtler - NIBIB

Immuno-engineering/Pharmacological Modulation of Therapeutic Biomaterials for Regeneration

This talk will review the importance of immnunoengineering/modulation to development of regenerative biomaterials and medical devices.

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