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EB 2012 DPE-sponsored Symposia

June 26, 2012

EB 2012 DPE-sponsored Symposia

At the EB-2012 meeting, four DPE-sponsored symposia are planned.  These are intended to have a broad range of interest for pharmacologists and students involved in pharmacology education.

  • Adapting TBL Techniques to Teach Pharmacology to Graduate, Professional, and Medical Students. Organizers: R. Senthil Kumar, George Dunaway, and John Szarek
  • The Real World of Therapeutic Drugs: Bench to Boardroom, the Bedside and Beyond: Organizer: P.K.Rangachari
  • Building a Pharmacology Course from Scratch: Benefits and Pitfalls of a Cut and Paste Pharmacology Course. Organizer J. Szarek
  • Teaching Academy: Use of Social Media Tool in Education. Organizers: Lynn Crespo, Joey Barnett, and George Dunaway


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