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2015 Division for Pharmacology Education Annual Meeting Agenda

October 16, 2015

2015 Division for Pharmacology Education Annual Meeting Agenda

Date and Location

Monday, March 30, 2015
5:30-6:30 PM
Room 109B, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


As of January 14, 2015. Subject to change. 


  1. Welcome and Introduction of Division Executive Committee
      a. Officers and committee members
      b. Officers-Elect
      c. Catherine Fry, PhD, ASPET staff, Education Manager
  2. Division Plans for Leadership Transition (July 1, 2016)
  3. Recognition of Award Recipients
      a. DPE Travel Awards
      b. New Fellows of the Academy of Pharmacology Educators
  4. Brief Review of Division Activities for 2014–2015
      a. SURF Institutional Awards
      b. Revision of Academy Application Process (Travel Award process is           next)
      c. POPS revision
      d. Attendance at ABRCMS and SACNAS
      e. IUPHAR
      f.  ORPHEUS
      g. NDOGS, July 10–12, 2015, Univ. of Cincinnati, Registration deadline         May 10, 2015
      h. Other
  5. Division Budget
  6. Report from Communications Officer
  7. Discussion of EB 2016 Symposia Proposals
      [Career Corner, Teaching Methods/Technology, Teaching Institute         (Graduate Education focus), Other]
  8. New Business
      a. ASPET Big Idea #1: Enhancing Undergraduate Engagement in                 ASPET at EB Meetings
             Watch for announcement of application process for new travel                    awards for EB 2016.
      b. ASPET Big Idea #2: From Senior Mentor to Highly Skilled Career             Coach: A novel approach to breaking the diversity roadblock


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