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Division for Pharmacology Education Sessions at EB2016

November 23, 2016

The following sessions were presented at EB2016 in San Diego, CA, from April 2 to 6, 2016.

Securing NIH Intramural Fellowships to Enhance Your Pharmacology Training


  • Janet E. Clark—Nat'l Inst. of Mental Hlth./NIH
  • A. Reid—Nat'l Inst. of Mental Hlth./NIH

Co-Sponsored by the Divisions for:    

  • Behavioral Pharmacology   
  • Cancer Pharmacology  
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology  
  • Drug Discovery and Development   
  • Drug Metabolism   
  • Translational and Clinical Pharmacology   
  • Molecular Pharmacology   
  • Neuropharmacology  
  • Toxicology   

Fellowship Opportunities at the NIH
Aneka Reid—NIMH/NIH  

NIMH: Opportunities for the Investigation and Treatment of Mental Illnesses Through Basic and Clinical Research
Janet Clark—NIMH/NIH 

NIAID's Global Health Research Challenge: Emerging, Persisting and Preventing Infectious Diseases
Wendy Fibison—NIAID/ NIH 

An Overview of the NINDS Intramural Research Program from Basic to Clinical Neurosciences
Katherine Roche —NINDS/ NIH 

NIDCD Research Training in the Hearing and Communication Sciences
Elyssa Monzack—NIDCD/ NIH 

2016 Teaching Institute: Developing Mentees Using IDPs


  • Kelly Karpa—Penn State Univ. Coll. of Med.
  • Jonathan P. Neiswinger—NIA/NIH

The What and Whys of IDPs for NIH-Supported Trainees
Nancy Desmond—NIMH/NIH

Using Available Tools to Facilitate IDP Development
Cynthia N. Fuhrmann—Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Sch.

The Reality of IDP Implementation
Philip S. Clifford—Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

How an IDP Jump-Started My Career
Asia Klementowicz—Univ. of California, San Francisco

Meet the New POPS - They'll Flip Your Teaching


  • M.A. Simmons—Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • R. Theobald—A.T. Still Univ.—Kirksville Col. of Osteo. Med.

A Brief History of the POPS and Presentation of Their Current Structure
Mark A. Simmons—Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore

Treatment of Essential Hypertension
Mark A. Simmons—Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore

Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias
June Yun—Northeast Ohio Med. Univ

Drug Treatment of Heart Failure
Rob Rockhold—Univ. of Mississippi Medical Ctr. 

Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus
Jayne Reuben—Univ. of South Carolina Sch. of Med. Greenville 

Treatment of Psychosis
Gagani Athauda—Florida Intl. Univ.

Drug Overdose Toxicity
Robert Theobald, Jr.—A.T. Still Univ., Kirksville Col. of Osteo. Med.

A Pharmacokinetics Primer: From Equations to Application

Chair: Reza Mehvar—Chapman Univ.

Sponsored by the Division for Pharmacology Education. Co-sponsored by the Divisions for:   

  • Molecular Pharmacology 
  • Drug Discovery and Development 
  • Drug Metabolism 
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology 
  • Translational and Clinical Pharmacology 

Fundamental Concepts in Pharmacokinetics: Applications in Research and Education
Reza Mehvar—Chapman Univ. 

Active Learning Exercises in Pharmacokinetics Using Simulations and Other Resources
Reza Mehvar—Chapman Univ. and Dion Brocks—Univ. of Alberta 

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