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ASPET’s Journals Now Offer an Open Access Option

December 08, 2015

As of December 2, 2015, ASPET’s journals provide an open access option to ASPET’s four wholly owned journals (Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Molecular Pharmacology, and Pharmacological Reviews). Often referred to as “gold open access,” it allows authors to retain the copyright to their work, deposit the fully formatted version of the article in an institutional repository to meet employer policies, and post the article wherever they wish, including on file sharing services.

Whether or not an author has opted for open access is not known to the editor, associate editor, and reviewers. Choosing or not choosing open access has no bearing on the peer review process.

Authors may select one of two Creative Commons licenses at the time of manuscript submission. Those choosing open access will complete an open access licensing agreement in place of a copyright transfer form. All authors on a manuscript must agree to publish under the selected open access license. The two licenses and related fees are:

The Creative Commons website, accessible via the links above, provides details about the licenses.

The copyedited and formatted version of articles published under the two licenses will be freely available immediately from the journals and will be deposited with PubMed Central and Europe PubMed Central.  

Authors should note that the open access charge is in addition to page charges. Only articles published in Pharmacological Reviews and invited articles in the other journals are exempt from page charges. Check with the ASPET staff by emailing if you are unsure of whether your page charges have been waived.

Open access charges are handled through the Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink® system. Page charges are paid using a form sent to authors with their page proofs later in the production process and are processed by the ASPET office, just as they are now for other papers.

The open access fee must be paid prior to publication of the copyedited and formatted version of the paper. When an open access option is selected at the time of submission and the manuscript is accepted for publication, the CCC will automatically contact the corresponding author with instructions to pay the open access charge. Any author who decides to publish under an open access option after submission must contact the journal as soon as possible. Additional fees may apply. Please contact the ASPET journals department with any questions by emailing

ASPET has made the manuscript version of all articles published in DMD, JPET, and Molecular Pharmacology freely accessible since April 2005. All content in the four journals is made freely accessible 12 months after publication. The new open access option meets the requirements of funders and authors who either want or are required to retain greater control over their published research.

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