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Enteric Drug Metabolism and Drug-Drug Interactions

Monday April 08, 2019

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Room W206 B


Chair :

Albert Li
In Vitro ADMET Laboratories Inc.

There is a great need to develop experimental approaches to define the roles of enteric drug metabolism, uptake and efflux in the fate and biological effects of the orally-administered drugs. This proposed symposium will a review of the current scientific concepts and experimental approaches in the assessment of intestinal drug uptake, metabolism, drug-drug interactions and enterotoxicity. The presentations will include a review of the current understanding of enteric drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters, in vitro and in vivo experimental approaches, as well as PBPK and IVIVE approaches for the translation of preclinical data to clinical outcome.


Kenneth Thummel - University of Washington

A Review of Intestinal Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters

Albert Li - In Vitro ADMET Laboratories Inc.

In Vitro Experimental Models for the Evaluation of Intestinal Drug Metabolism, Drug-Drug Interactions, and Drug Toxicity

Yuichi Sugiyama - Riken Institute

Kinetic Analyses of Interplay of Uptake (OATP2B1), Efflux (P-gp, BCRP) and Metabolizing Enzyme (CYP3A4) in the Intestinal Absorption of Drugs

Mary Paine - Washington State University

Translational Approaches to Address Potential Clinically Significant Enteric Xenobiotic-Drug Interactions

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