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Functional Output of Sexual Dimorphism of Neuroimmune Cells

Tuesday April 09, 2019

8:00 am - 10:00 am

Room W206 A
Sponsored by the Division for Neuropharmacology (NEU)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Behavioral Pharmacology (BEH)
Co-sponsored by the Division for Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

Chair :

Luisa Torres
Cornell University

Stella Tsirka
Stony Brook University

Increasing evidence indicates that there is a broad and intricate repertoire of neuroimmune-related sex differences, which lead to differential physiological and pharmacological responses to neurological disorders. These dimorphic features are evident in physiological settings, including synapse remodeling and maturation, during postnatal development and have implications for a gender-specific brain wiring. Immune-competent microglia exhibit sex-specific changes in gene expression when activated, in the modulation of energy homeostasis and in neuropathological events. This new exciting line of research on microglia identifies them as critical modulators of plasticity and refinement in the CNS, and a new potential therapeutic target for neurological diseases.


Microglia in Health and Disease: A Historical Perspective
Wolfang Streit - Univ. of Florida

Microglial ERa Signaling
Maricedes Acosta-Martinez - Stony Brook University

Maternal Sleep Disordered Breathing During Pregnancy Has Sex-specific Effects on Microglial Inflammatory Gene Expression in Adult Offspring
Jyoti Waters - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sexual Dimorphism in Microglia in Pain
Michael Salter - SickKids Hospital

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