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Pharmacology of Taste: From Receptors to Behavior

Tuesday April 09, 2019

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Room W205 BC
Sponsored by the Division for Behavioral Pharmacology (BEH)

Chair :

R. Kyle Palmer
Opertech Bio, Inc.

The study of taste traditionally has been carried out through a paradigm of psychophysics, with it's foundational focus on subjective sensory experience. However, as the history of the study of taste unfolded, it became increasingly clear that taste must be mediated by receptors expressed in the tongue, a supposition eventually confirmed by the discovery of GPCRs critical for sweet and bitter taste signaling. This symposium will present taste phenomena, at the molecular, cellular, and behavioral levels of interrogation, as lawfully related to receptor function operating under principles of pharmacology.

The Pharmacodynamics of Ligands for the TAS1R2/R3
Guy Servant - Senomyx

Biology, Physiology, and Signaling of Taste Cells
Nirupa Chaudhari - University of Miami

Stimulus Properties and Reinforcing Properties of Tastant Agonists
R. Kyle Palmer - Opertech Bio, Inc.

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