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Presentations of Noteworthy 2019 Abstracts from Drug Discovery and Development

Tuesday April 09, 2019

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Room W205 A
Sponsored by the Division for Drug Discovery and Development (DDD)

Chair :

Craig Beeson
Medical Univ of South Carolina

Tom Parry
Acorda Therapeutics

This session features noteworthy presentations selected from the submitted abstracts in the area of drug discovery and development.

Activation of Heat Shock Protein 70 as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Protein Folding Disease
Amanda Davis - University of Michigan

Development of Lymphatic-Targeted Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles to Label Cells in vitro
Chase Petersen - South Dakota State University

Mutant Huntingtin-Calmodulin Interaction: Potential Therapeutic Target for Huntington’s Disease
Khushboo Kapadia - University of Kansas

Development of a Cell-based Assay for the Discovery of KCa3.1 Inhibitors by High-throughput Screening
Chanon Jakakul - Mahidol University

A Peripherally Selective CB1 Receptor Inverse Agonist Improves Metabolic Syndrome in Mice
Nayaab Khan - RTI

Structure-Activity Relationships of Selective Pyrimidine Agonists on α7-nAChRs
Gisela Camacho Hernandez - University of California San Diego

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