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The Need for Scientists in Regulation and Policy: Academia, Government, and Industry

Monday April 08, 2019

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Room W206 C


Chair :

Marcus Delatte
Food and Drug Administration

Brenda Gannon
Steep Hill Arkansas

As the regulatory environment surrounding public health care, toxicology, and science (in general) rapidly changes, the voices of scientists have perhaps never been more important in influencing these policy debates. For example, many states have adapted “right to try” laws and/or have recently legalized medical (and recreational) cannabis use; however, Federal Laws do not necessarily mirror State Laws. Additionally, the balance between growing the economy and protecting the environment is also in a precarious position. This symposium will emphasize why/how scientists should/can get involved in science policy, advocacy, and regulation through careers in academia, government, and/or industry.


Mary-Ann Bjornsti - University of Alabama Birmingham

The Value of Advocacy in Promoting Academic Research

Remy Brim - BGR Group

Capitol-izing on a Ph.D.

Marcus Delatte - Food and Drug Administration

A Historical Perspective on the Impact of Scientific Findings on Laws that Shaped Drug and Food Regulation

Cassandra Prioleau - Drug Enforcement Administration

How Pharmacology Informs Drug Control Policy

Brenda Gannon - Steep Hill Arkansas

From Academia to Building a Company and Back Again: Bringing Private Sector Experience Back to Graduate Education to Initiate a Program in Regulatory Science

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