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Automating the Patient-Oriented Problem-Solving Sessions in Pharmacology

Saturday April 02, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time (CT)

109 AB


Chair :

Catherine Fry

Mark Simmons
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

The new Automated Patient-Oriented Problem-Solving System in Pharmacology provides an online platform for problem-solving exercises, active learning, and interprofessional education in pharmacology. With the Automated POPS, students can meet remotely or in person. Breakout groups can run simultaneously or asynchronously. The system records extensive student performance metrics and provides instantaneous feedback. Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet to use to do a run-through of an Automated POPS exercise.


Mark Simmons - University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Using the DeckChair System to Run the POPs

Dr. Simmons will present a brief introduction to the topic and a presentation of the structure of the exercises in preparation for the workshop portion of the program.

David McMillan - Univ of Nebraska Medical Center

“Pharmacokinetics Applied to the Treatment of Asthma” Exercise

Dr. McMillan will facilitate the group working on the Pharmacokinetics Applied to the Treatment of Asthma exercise.

Jayne Reuben - Texas A & M Univ College of Dentistry

“Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus” Exercise

Dr. Reuben will facilitate the group working on the Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus exercise.

Jeff Graham - University of Toronto

How to Anaylze and Export the Results of an Automated POPS Session

Dr. Graham will present a summary and discussion of the analysis of the results.

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