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Axelrod Symposium and Lecture: GPCRs and G-Protein Signaling: Insights into Disease

Saturday April 02, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time (CT)

114 Nutter Auditorium


Chair :

Joan Heller Brown
Univ of California – San Diego

The 2021 Axelrod Awardee, Joan Heller Brown, has organized a fast-paced symposium that will include her award lecture. The Axelrod symposium is funded by the John V. Croker Fund.

It is now appreciated that G-protein coupled receptors and G-protein signaling pathways regulate chronic responses mediated through changes in gene transcription. Dr. Heller Brown will discuss studies that began with G-protein regulation of astrocyte growth and of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, and lead to discovery of pathways critical for glioblastoma tumorgenesis and development of heart failure. Immediately following we’ll hear from Stefan Offermanns exploring novel GPCRs regulating metabolic disease, Gerald Dorn discussing G-proteins in mitochondrial dynamics and heart disease, and wrap up with a talk from Bryan Roth about GPCRs in psychiatric disorders.


Joan Heller Brown - Univ of California – San Diego

Axelrod Award Lecture: How GPCRs and G-proteins Inform our Understanding of Disease

G-protein signaling to transcriptional pathways during disease.

Stefan Offermanns - Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research

Novel GPCRs Regulating Metabolic Disease

Gerald Dorn - Washington Univ in St. Louis

G-proteins in Mitochondrial Dynamics and Heart Disease

Bryan Roth - Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

GPCRs in Psychiatric Disorders

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