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COVID-19: Long Haul Symptoms, Testing and Impact of Environmental Exposures

Sunday April 03, 2022

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Central Time (CT)

113 A


Chair :

Cheryl Rockwell
Michigan State Univ

The emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 2019 precipitated a cataclysmic global pandemic. This symposium will focus on various timely issues related to this epidemic. The first presentation will focus on long haul symptoms of Covid-19 infection. The second speaker will present on the transition of her laboratory from basic research to development of a novel Covid-19 diagnostic test. The third presentation will discuss the potential effects of vaping on the immune response to respiratory viruses. Taken together, this program will cover a range of issues related to Covid-19, ranging from long haul Covid and testing to environmental exposure and susceptibility.


Scott Letendre - University of California San Diego

Long-haul Covid: Symptoms and Pathogenesis

It is becoming increasingly apparent that many patients who recover from the acute phase of SARS-CoV-2 infection have persistent symptoms. While there is considerable interindividual variability in the nature and duration of such symptoms, there are some commonalities. This talk will focus on current knowledge regarding the symptoms, management and etiopathogenesis of long-haul Covid.

Angela Slitt - University of Rhode Island

How to Transition a Basic Research Lab into a Covid-19 Test Development Lab in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

In the early days of the Covid-19 epidemic, there was a severe shortage of tests due to numerous factors, including lack of reagents needed for the PCR tests. To address this, Dr. Slitt’s laboratory developed a non-invasive saliva test that retained the sensitivity and specificity of the PCR test, but utilized a different methodology known as the branched DNA assay. In this presentation, Dr. Slitt will discuss the development of a clinical diagnostic test development lab and the impact of Covid testing on community spread and identification of long-haul Covid.

Ilona Jaspers - University of North Carolina

Effect of Vaping on Immune Response to Respiratory Viruses, such as Covid-19 and Influenza

Numerous environmental exposures have been shown to negatively impact immunity against respiratory viruses, including influenza and COVID-19. The focus of this talk will be on the impact of vaping and other environmental exposures on lung immunity and susceptibility to Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses.

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