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Division for Molecular Pharmacology Early Career Award and Postdoc Competition

Monday April 04, 2022

8:00 am - 10:00 am Central Time (CT)

111 AB


Chair :

Michelle Kimple
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

John Hepler
Emory Univ School of Medicine

This award competition features oral presentations from postdoctoral trainees selected from the submitted abstracts as well as a keynote lecture from the winner of the ASPET Division for Molecular Pharmacology Early Career Award.


Dipak Patil - The Scripps Research Institute

Abstract #6204 Visualizing an Orphan Receptor GPR158 and it Complex with Neuronal Regulator RGS7-Gβ5 via cryoEM

Yu-Chen Yen - Purdue University

Abstract #3991 - Seven Structures of Atypical Chemokine Receptor 3 Reveal the Molecular Bases for its Promiscuity and Signaling Bias

Isaac Fisher - Purdue University

Abstract #3949 Single Particle Cryo-EM Reconstruction of an Activated Gβγ-PLCβ Complex

Matthew Torres - Georgia Institute of Technology

From m/z to Gabg: Accessing the Collective Wisdom in Proteomics to Reveal Posttranslational Governors of G Protein Signaling

The talk will focus on the development of protein bioinformatic and computational tools that revealed how Gg subunits – through phosphorylation of their intrinsically disordered N-termini – can serve as governors of Gbg signaling.

Cheng Zhang - Univ of Pittsburgh

GPCR Structures Reveal New Insights into Receptor Pharmacology and Drug Development

Based on our crystal and cryo-EM structures of a group of chemotactic GPCRs that can promote either the onset or the resolution of inflammation with diverse ligands, I will talk about novel mechanisms of GPCR ligand recognition and activation and discuss new opportunities in drug development for inflammation-related disorders.

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