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Induction of Early Onset Cardiovascular Disease by Methamphetamine

Saturday April 02, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time (CT)

113 C


Chair :

Kevin Murnane
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport

Md. Shenuarin Bhuiyan
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Amphetamine-type stimulants are the most widely used class of illicit drugs in the world after cannabinoids, and there is a growing epidemic in illicit methamphetamine use. Methamphetamine can have adverse and potentially fatal effects on arteries and blood vessels, including elevated blood pressure, acute vasospasm, and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine induces structural and electrical remodeling of cardiac tissue. This symposium will present human and animal studies regarding the impact of methamphetamine on the cardiovascular system, and discuss the findings that individuals exposed to methamphetamine present with early onset cardiovascular disease.


Md. Shenuarin Bhuiyan - Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Methamphetamine Associated Cardiomyopathy

Methamphetamine induces adverse cardiac fibrotic remodeling in human and preclinical animal models. The molecular targets and mechanisms of methamphetamine-induced cardiomyopathy remain elusive. We performed extensive biochemical and functional assays to define the molecular targets and mechanisms of methamphetamine-induced cardiomyopathy.

Ralph Shohet - University of Hawaii

Gender Differences in the Cardiovascular Toxicity of Methamphetamine

This talk will describe functional, structural and molecular differences between female and male mice treated with methamphetamine for 5 months. This model demonstrates the cardiac toxicity and dilated cardiomyopathy also seen in human addicts and recapitulates the clinical observation of greater male susceptibility.

Paari Dominic - LSU Health Shreveport

Molecular Mechanisms of Methamphetamine Induced Sudden Cardiac Death and Experimental Therapeutics.

Current evidence linking methamphetamine and ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death (SCD) will be summarized. Direct and indirect effects of methamphetamine on molecules that play a key role in the alteration of structural and electrical substrate of the ventricles leading to SCD will be discussed and putative therapeutic targets will be reviewed.

Madison McGraw - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Abstract #4687 - Methamphetamine-Induced Proteomic Changes Within the Neuroinflammatory TLR4 Pathway Persist After Long-Term Self-Administration in Rats

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